New details surface for Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas

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Curse of Naxxramus, the first expansion to Blizzard’s CCG Hearthstone, is set to release this summer, bringing with it an emphasis on the Deathrattle mechanic thanks to a handful of new cards. Today’s update reveals a new Mage class card: Duplicate.

Duplicate (pictured above) allows its user to create two copies of a friendly minion when it dies, differing from Mirror Entity in that it adds the copies to the hand. The card has the potential for some downright nasty interactions in a mage deck, with Mana Wyrm and Bloodmage Thalnos just begging to be copied.

Curse of Naxxramus was announced in early April and will be released in five stages over the course of five weeks. All sections of the expansion will be unlockable through real-world money or in-game gold, although the first ‘wing’ of the expansion, The Arachnid Quarter, will be completely free.


Austin Wood
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