New details revealed for Double Fine’s Massive Chalice

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Massive Chalice lead Brad Muir shared a wealth of details about Double Fine’s forthcoming strategy title during the studio’s PAX Prime presentation, not the least of which is its emphasis on time.

Not unlike Fire Emblem: Awakening, Massive Chalice will task you with not only directing your forces, but shoring up the homefront as well. Time heals all wounds, but incidentally, also kills all soldiers, meaning you’ll have to wed your way to each battle if you don’t want to tackle game’s antagonist, Cadence, singlehandedly.

You’re able to match your soldiers in the hopes of producing offspring bearing the best traits, but as GameInformer reports, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee top-notch units, as beneficial and detractive traits are equally likely. This process is made all the more important by enemies which, for example, cause your soldiers to age rapidly, advancing their death and pressing the need for replacements that much further. 

Muir relates the game’s combat to that of XCOM: Enemy Unknown in that both feature two-action turns and over-world strategy consisting primarily of designating choke points. However, even disregarding its bloodline mechanic, the game promises an injection of Double Fine wit for the strategy genre.


Austin Wood
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