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New details on Fire Emblem 3DS emerge


We now know a bit more regarding the first Fire Emblem entry on the 3DS. Fire Emblem Kakusei, or Fire Emblem Awakening as we like to call it over here in North America, will feature Free Maps and a battle mechanic called the Dual system.

Free Maps allow you to roam freely with your characters across different lands. As you travel across these maps, you can engage in side quests and collect gear. You can also purchase items and battle enemies while roaming on maps.

The Dual system allows you to enter battle alongside an ally. Together with your partner, you'll have access to special abilities. Additionally, he will help you out with attacks of his own, which should be especially useful for tougher enemies.

We can expect more details on Fire Emblem Awakening in the near future. Personally, I'm interested in knowing about the game's DLC, which is being touted as a major selling point. I mean, DLC on a Nintendo system? Insanity!


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