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New details for The Order 1886 emerges

The Order: 1886

Remember that awesome trailer for Ready at Dawn's next-gen PlayStation 4 title The Order 1886? Remember how basically no details were given after being wowed by it? Well, NeoGAF user shinobi602 has posted tons of new details on the game. The details look to be from a Game Informer exclusive coming soon.

The Order 1886, which has been in concept since 2005, will have amazing graphics. Supposedly, the graphics we saw in the trailer are what we can expect the game to look like. I'll believe that when I see it...

Everything in The Order 1886's world is rendered with soft body physics. For example, metal beam react to magnetic forces in real-time. There's a ton of detail in lighting, as well. oil lamps flash independently in one underground scene, where light is bouncing off every object. Also, a screenshot posted shows that material like leather and cloth look more realistic than ever.

the order 1886 cloth

The weapons created for the game were each given a unique personality. While they have some strange behaviors, all of the weapon concepts are grounded in science. One example is the Thermite Rifle, which shoots a chemical onto enemies and then uses a secondary fire to shoot flares and ignite those enemies.

In The Order 1886, you play as Sir Galahad. Yes, that Sir Galahad. During the 7th or 8th century, a conflict erupts when humanity splinters and many people get 'beastial traits,' becoming 'half breeds.' To fight off the half breeds, a version of the Knights of the Round Table is formed to fight them off -- The Order. The Knights discover "black water," which gives them long lives and the ability to recover from injury. They continue to age, but a lot slower, so they can battle the enemy for centuries. That ability is both a gift and curse for the Knights. That brings us to the 19th century, where the game begins.

Two more quick things to take away -- there is not talk of multiplayer as of yet. The other thing is that there are quick-time events in the game, but with a unique twist. When melee combat occurs during gameplay, time slows down, allowing the player to rotate the camera and find things in the environment to give you and edge. Some examples given were dodging a punch or grabbing an improvised weapon.

This all sounds great, but I need to see The Order 1886 in action.

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