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New Defiance video shows San Francisco getting the plague

For your Defiance players, you’ve probably been noticing some sort of mysterious illness sweeping the streets of San Francisco. As previously covered, "A mystery sickness is spreading across the Bay area! In an effort to find out what is happening, triage centers have been established at both Top Notch and Shandu's Consulate.”  As if enough issues haven’t gone down, these poor survivors now have to deal with this. Can you cure the disease before it reaches the town of Defiance in the show?

This Defiance episode will be airing June 17th. From June 10th to 17th, you’ll be able to participate in new game modes, 8 new emergencies, 2 new pursuits, a new date recorder, and all new missions. What you’re going to want to do is check out the video above, play the game, and watch the episode once it comes out.

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