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New Dead or Alive 5 patch will allow players to upload replays directly to YouTube, Facebook


Developer Team Ninja recently announced that it's working on a patch to allow direct video uploading for Dead or Alive 5. The Ver. 1.03 update will allow Xbox 360 users to upload their replays on Facebook. Meanwhile PlayStation 3 users will be able to upload videos on Facebook and YouTube.

The video below was released to test out the upcoming patch. For folks who like to brag about how badly they kicked other players' asses, this is sure to be a hit feature. For people like me who suck at fighting games, however, it'll be a nice way of showing others how terrible we are at everything we set out to accomplish ... or something to that extent.

In addition to uploading videos, gameplay tweaks and online matchmaking features are also being implemented into Dead or Alive 5. Among these are the ability to search for online matches by connection and ranked match "throwdowns." An exact date hasn't been revealed for the patch yet.


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