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New Dead Island Riptide screenshots confirm the game does take place on an island

dead island riptide mines explosion Gallery_small_deadisland-riptide-screenshot-1-behind-the-bus Gallery_small_deadisland-riptide-screenshot-2 Gallery_small_deadisland-riptide-screenshot-2-waterfall Gallery_small_deadisland-riptide-screenshot-4-dome Gallery_small_deadisland-riptide-screenshot-6-lagoon

Dead Island Riptide had a slew of screenshots released by Deep Silver of its lush jungle-island environment. While there are zombies shown in the screens, as well as some explosions, there's no in-your-face hand-to-hand combat to be found anywhere. Not to worry -- there will be plenty of that in the game.

The story of Dead Island Riptide continues from where the first game left off. The heroes from Dead Island escaped in a helicopter to a military ship. Unfortunately, it looks like bad luck follows them around, as a storm hits and the virus spreads throughout the crew. The nightmare starts again on the island of Palanai as Xian, Sam B, Logan and Purna fight for their survival again. Joining them is John Morgan, a cook on the military ship that's practiced and mastered hand-to-hand combat. 

Dead Island Riptide releases on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on April 23.

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