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New character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse restores my hope for the franchise

One Bandai Namco game, which I wish I could have gotten a bigger glimpse of, was the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse. When I first wrote about the game, I had to actually look up the meaning of Xenoverse, which is a whole bunch of separate universes within each other. I didn't quite grasp the meaning of the title then, but I'm slowly starting to understand now.

Bandai has revealed that the character at the end of that trailer is indeed a completely new and original character, that will be able take part in many historical battles and in some cases completely rewriting the history of Dragon Ball altogether.

This is exciting because it creates an opportunity for the developers to create, or at least alter, existing stories we've been forced to relive with every Dragon Ball release thus far. Perhaps that's the fate of creating games based on a finished Anime and Manga.

So what can we tell about this new character? For one, he's wearing a Capsule Corp jacket, which we can only assume means he's a good guy. Oddly enough, he's also wearing a scouter, which as Dragon Ball fans know is a rather obsolete piece of technology, especially after the first major story arc with Vegeta, and part of the Frieza arc. Bandai will continually reveal more secrets regarding this new character until the game's release, later this year. 

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