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New Bryan Singer web series 'H+' starts tomorrow

From producer Bryan Singer (X-Men) and a script by John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso comes a new sci-fi digital series that looks refreshing and unique. H+ is changing the scope of web series, both being produced by a big name like Singer and having the financial backing of Warner Bros.' digital company. Just from watching the trailer, you can see that this won't be your ordinary web series; it is ambitious to say the least.

H+ takes us into the future, where the world's population is using a new device from a high-tech company called Hplus Nano Teoranta that connects the human brain to the internet. It's like an iPad in your mind. After a virus is unleashed on the system, it tears apart the world as we know it. H+ follows several survivors after the virus has wiped out a third of the world's population.

In an interview on Wired, the director Stewart Hendler (Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn) said it's "a pretty classic human tale. As we get more and more advanced and we develop technology, what's the outcome of that and are we always in control of it?" The story takes place before and after the event, which is used as a folcrum. One episode might take place five years after the event, and the next episode 10 years before so they can build with all of these puzzle pieces a larger understanding of what happened.

H+ starts tomorrow on August 8, 2012. It stars Hannah Simone (Cece from New Girl) and Alexis Denisof (Angel, Buffy, The Avengers), who is a Joss Whedon favorite. You can watch episodes on the H+ The Digital Series YouTube channel.

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[Source: The Playlist and Wired]

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