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New Borderlands 2 details emerge


Since its inevitable announcement, Borderlands 2 has completely consumed the industry's pre-E3 press headlines. We're already aware of an entirely new class, the presence of new enemies, and a spectacular $150 collector's edition, but today Gearbox has revealed new details for their upcoming hit.

According to producer Matt Charles, Borderlands 2 will feature major frame rate enhancements, along with an improved inventory system that will hopefully create a more "fluid combat experience." Charles also told the Playstation Blog that part of their team is solely focused on addressing voice chat issues that plagued Borderlands. 

“We’re entering the phase of development right now where we are focusing on framerate and stability, so it’s too early for me to give any final numbers, but you will see an improvement over the first game." 

 “We decided to remove carryable health packs and instead fill that need with new relics and shields that can help keep you out of that emergency state to begin with. The result is a more fluid combat experience since now you’re not worrying about when the best time to pause the game is and you still get that fun sense of preparing for a battle by choosing the right gear,” wrote Charles. “Health Packs will still appear and drop and they will now heal you up in the middle of battle.”

These two issues, in retrospect, were truthfully the only glaring issues with Borderlands - the fact that Gearbox is tackling them head-on early in development has us excited, and hopefully you as well. Are there any other issues you'd like to see addressed for Borderlands 2? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [Playstation Blog

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