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New Bioshock Infinite Trailer Dazzles at Spike's VGAs


Bioshock is a series perhaps equally noted for its exciting FPS gameplay, as for its willingness to explore the storytelling possibilities of gaming, each Bioshock title showcasing a narrative far beyond the traditional “shoot the terrorists” mantra common to the genre. Though this dedication to story best shines through in Irrational Games' own works, the Bioshock Infinite trailer shown at Spike's Video Game Awards once again exhibited their original approach to game making.

Though most trailers of the night were frantic high-octane affairs with big explosions and screaming soundtracks, the low-key nature of the Bioshock Infinite trailer stood in brilliantly stark contrast. The game's damsel in distress: Elizabeth, sang a sorrowful tune over shots of the game's environments, a bizarre floating city decorated in a 1950s propaganda styling. Very interesting in a giant clock seen in the opening, which seems to dictate when the occupants of Columbia work, sleep and play.

Elizabeth's tune sets a somber mood, one which becomes very interesting once the sparks start flying. The city's benevolent ruler Comstock seems to be the subject of ire, a portrait of the man being burned by angry protestors. Soon the player is thrust into this world at war, shooting at inhabitants who dangle from the city's sky-rails and using some sort of cutting device on a helpless opponent's neck. Then of course, there's a giant mechanical bird with an old man's head...

We never said Irrational's intriguing storylines weren't bizarre.

Overall, Bioshock Infinite is definitely shaping up to be the most exciting game of 2012. We'll be keeping an eye on these Boston-based developers for more clues on how this war in the sky will unfold.

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