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New Alan Wake's American Nightmare Details Emerge


Though Alan Wake failed to be the critically acclaimed title that Remedy Entertainment hoped it would be, it was still a fantastic game with a deep story and unique gameplay. The game's success has lead to last week's VGA announcement of Alan Wake's American NIghtmare, and though it's just been announced, several details are beginning to emerge. 

According to CVG, two years have passed since the end of the original game, and protagonist Alan has found himself confined in the “dark place” beneath Cauldron Lake. The writer is back, and he has unveiled himself as Mr. Scratch. Mr. Scratch, once known as an urban legend, is brought to life by the same mysterious powers that made Alan’s previous works come to life, and thus the town is in extreme danger. Alan must rise up and defeat Mr. Scratch in this actioned-pack XBLA title., or face the horrific consequences. 

While the gameplay mechanics are basically unchanged, Alan is receiving a high-powered arsenal to defeat his enemies, which hint at more action sequences. Both the setting and enemies have been amped up to an extra eerie level, which is what made Alan Wake such a joy to play in the first place. 

The Live Arcade title isn't due out for a few more months, but Remedy already has us excited. The biggest questions, yet to be answered, is the length of the game, and what the price will be for this title. Could this possibly be the first XBLA game to surpass the 1600 MSP limit? 

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