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New Aladdin-based level unveiled for Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

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Over the weekend, Warren Spector of Disney Interactive's Junction Point Studio and Peter Ong of DreamRift stopped by the Walt Disney World Resort to share some exciting new gameplay details for upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion.

The presentation included some background information about the concept and design of the game, along with plenty of hands-on time with The Power of Illusion, which you can read about later when we post our preview. The big news, however, was the reveal of a new level based on popular Disney film, Aladdin.

The new Aladdin-based level serves as another wing of the Castle of Illusion, complimenting the already-known Peter Pan section. In this level, you will engage in exhilarating side-scroller platforming (with 3D depth of field) through the streets of Agrabah. Along the way you'll encounter recognizable characters like Aladdin and other famous Disney characters who you can add to your Fortress.

While we'll have plenty of gameplay details later today, as well as an interview with Warren Spector, you can enjoy the fresh batch of screenshots for the new Aladdin level right now.

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