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New 3D Mario game for Wii U might be released by October

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Did you read the title of this news post? Good. Now keep in mind that this is Nintendo and it's the Wii U, so you don't really know what release dates are. 

According to a report that came to light via CVG, rumors suggest Nintendo is planning to release its new 3D Mario on the Wii U by this October. Supposedly, the report came by way of "discussions with retail chains at the executive level," and suggests that they "have helped restore retailers' faith in the console, which has been hit by errors since launch."

Really? That's all it takes? One release date that Nintendo plans to keep? Wow. Retailers are really easy to get in the sack.

The report also says that the new 3D Mario title will release before October, pending development delays.

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Supposedly, the new Mario title will being its marketing campaign at this year's E3 (obviously not at it's non-existent press conference) and will be playable on the show floor. 

I hope this is true. I really do. I want Nintendo to pull out all the stops this E3, if even just to justify my ownership of a Wii U. Yea, I'm thinking selfishly. 

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