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Neverwinter special events and mount speed changes detailed

Even faster epic mounts incoming

Neverwinter special events and mount speed changes detailed

Neverwinter on Xbox One is getting the 2X Enchantment and Runestones event again this week and boy is that a great thing! The event will run from this Friday October 30th at 1PM Eastern and run through Monday, November 2nd at 1PM Eastern.

During the event, of course you will earn double refining points for all of your enchantment upgrades. For those who just started the massive Elemental Evil campaigns, this will drastically help you level up your enchantments and refines much faster as the Thaumaturgic stones are offered as rewards in the campaigns and will be doubled up to 5,000 points from 2,500 points each. Get those going fast as it's the best option for upgrading your enchantments to the higher levels of eight and above with the high refinement threshold.

Also coming to Xbox One currently and lasting until this weekend is the Festival of Liars event. Taking place from the 27th at 1PM Eastern through Tuesday the 3rd of November at 1PM Eastern, this is taking place in the Protector's Enclave and is a Halloween focused event. Similar to the summer event where you were smashing each other with water bombs, the Festival of Liars tasks you with completing two, repeatable daily quests to earn Masquerade Charms and Liars Tokens. These can be traded in for various masks such as pumpkin and unicorn heads as well as a Striker Scarecrow companion. Also coming November 3rd when the events end is the release of the Strongholds expansion for Xbox One only as PC received the pack earlier this year.

Finally, the game will feature upgraded mounts on the PC version for now as a result of the Underdark expansion with R.A. Salvatore's Drizz't Do'urden. Six epic mounts will see their speed upgraded from 110% to 140% due to the expansion, so you can tell it's going to be huge. The impacted mounts are as follows:

  • Emperor Beetle
  • Tenser’s Floating Disk
  • Skeleton Steed
  • Black Ice Warhorse
  • Imperial Rage Drake
  • Armored Bulette (from our NCL event)

Of course, stay up to date with all the Neverwinter news on the official page now for both Xbox One and PC. 

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