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Neverwinter introduces the fiendish Devils of Helms Hold

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Where there is good there will always be evil to oppose it. In worlds with divine clerics and holy paladins, there has to be a vile darkness that will always oppose their orders. Devils are just this sort of organized evil. Unlike their chaotic counterpart demons, devils have a strict-brutal hierarchy with hellish order and bureaucracy. Both lawful and evil, devils rely on deception, guile, traps to get the advantage over their foes. Even when the fight isn’t in their favor, they are powerful and cunning opponents. In Neverwinter, they will occupy Helms Hold from those foolish enough to enter.

Watch the video below and check out the screenshots under the main image. Neverwinter’s open beta starts April 30 and from that point on your characters will not be wiped. You will start tomorrow if you buy the more intense of the founders packs.        

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