Neverwinter commits to a 24 hour livestream marathon for the Child’s Play charity

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What’s better than playing video games? How about playing them for charity? Perfect World’s MMORPG Neverwinter coundn’t agree more. That’s why from (12:01 PM PDT) until tomorrow at 12:01 PM PDT, Neverwinter will be live streaming via Twitch. The devs playing promise jokes, the running of dungeons, hanging out with players, and fighting off SLEEP MADDNESS.

The purpose of this 24-hour game fest is to support the Child’s Play charity. This charity service exists to profile sick children at hospitals with video games, toys, books, and other goodies. At any time from now until noon tomorrow, you can donate HERE. So, go donate HERE and make someone’s day/life that much better.

For you Neverwinter players, during this livestream the devs will also be showing off the new Fury of Feywild content – the first module coming out August 22nd.  Check out the embedded video below. Did I mention you should donate? You can, you can do so HERE.

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