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Neverwinter: Armor, weapons and stats further customize your character


In the Neverwinter dev blog from December, character customization was the focal point. While that post talked about all of the options available to the player to customize your character's appearance, race, class, gender, core stats and background, that's just the start of it. The customization continues as you start adventuring through the Forgotten Realms. 

Armor, weapons, stat bonuses and enchantments further allow you to equip your character to match your playstyle and distinguish your character from others. 


In addition to just helping you survive, armors provide the opportunity for you to fine-tune your character to match your playstyle. Whether it be head and arms or neck, waist and shirt, you should always have every slot equipped to maximize effectiveness in the field of battle. While these armors are class-bound and level-restricted, you still have room for experimentation through choosing the right armor and stat bonus combinations for your playstyle.

Stat Bonuses

With a smorgasbord of stat bonuses, you have many choices when it comes how to build and play your character. One of the examples listed in the blog is for warriors. Some warriors would rather stack Power to make their damage output higher and their heal abilities better, while others might choose to go for cooldown reduction or armor penetration to ignore their enemies' armor. The choice is up to you -- whether you want to stack a lot of one stat bonus or go for a balanced build.


Guess what... better armors get enchantment slots too. You can further customize your character by choosing which enchantments to use. 

To read the full Dev blog, visit the Perfect World Neverwinter site.

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