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NetherRealm Can Tweak Mortal Kombat Hassle-Free at Any Time


To remedy the bad news of the missing exclusive character in the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat, series co-creator Ed Boon has revealed a neat piece of tech that allows the game to be re-balanced at any time with no need for an update.

The software tweaks infinite combos and special moves, such as increasing or decreasing a move's power. "If an infinite were to come out, or a character is too powerful, we can make adjustments and address those things immediately," Boon said to Eurogamer in an interview.

"It's something that's built into our system," he continued. "We can do it without having players have to download a patch. That's something we're very excited about. We can monitor what things players may have an issue with and then correct them as needed."

Boon backed up the tech's implementation, stating that it's "impossible" to create a perfectly balanced fighting game. While character exploits and updates can massively harm fighting games, NetherRealm will be monitoring exactly what users have issues with and will handle them directly rather than installing a generic patch.

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