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NES Remix offers a unique twist on classic Nintendo titles

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Do you enjoy classic Nintendo games? Well, how about replaying them but with a unique twist? That's exactly what Nintendo is proposing with the newly announced NES Remix, a downloadable Wii U title from the eShop that takes 16 classic Nintendo titles like Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong and reimagines them with unique twists and challenges.

As Iwata explained, there are several classic games remixed to offer new challenges. In some cases, levels will be mostly the same, but highlight some of the best parts of the original title. 

NES Remix is compatible with Miiverse and has a total of 80 collectible stamps. When posting within the game, you can post your record from each stage along with your clear time so you can compete with players across the world. NES Remix is going to be avialable from the Nintendo eShop today.

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