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NES Games Coming to 3DS eShop


If you've been one of the lucky early adopters (or suckers, depending on how you look at it) by now your 3DS should already be filled with 10 classic NES games. Turns out, NES games are going to be the latest addition of downloadable merchandise to the 3DS' eShop.

Website Siliconera has reported that The Legend of Zelda is now available to purchase on the Japanese eShop for ¥500, which seems to hint that the eShop is to receive more NES games on a regular basis.

If we were to look at the Ambassador program as a clue to what's to come, then it is all too possible that the eShop might be home to GBA games as well. Of course this is pure speculation, but wouldn't it be awesome?

Unfortunately we here in the US have no idea when Nintendo plans on releasing NES games in the eShop, and at what price exactly, though our bet is they will be around the $5 mark.

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