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Neocron 2.2 Content Update released

December 13, 2007

Neocron 2.2 Content Update released

Reakktor Media announces the release of a major content update for their Cyberpunk MMORPG Neocron 2.2.

"By the end of the third millennium, Earth has changed... Global pollution, excessive wars and a perforated atmosphere have turned the planet into an almost lifeless sphere of toxic mud. Radiation is everywhere and most animals have either gone extinct or have mutated into bizarre monstrous creatures. The remnants of mankind seek protection from the desolate, scorched world and gathered behind the protective walls of giant cities. These few mega cities became the last lights of hope, in the darkness of Earth's final dusk...”

With this content update the Dome of York factions are moving back to Neocron city to engage new and old enemies in the daily struggle for honour and glory. Forced to leave their habitat in the Dome of York, the factions are eager to take back control of their former territories in Tech Haven, the Canyon and Pepper Park, where fierce PvP battles can be expected.

This and much more is now available in the latest Neocron 2.2 content update!

Click here to download the new Neocron 2 Content Update.

Subsequent to the major update all inactive Neocron 2 game accounts will be re-activated at no charge on 12th of December, 2007 for the duration of four weeks. This does not include permanently suspended accounts.

Detailed information about the content update can be obtained on the official Neocron website 

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