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Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition trailer is less informative, more epic


The Neo Geo never found its footing as a home console. It makes sense considering the games and the console were quite expensive. Looks like that's going to change. The Neo Geo X Gold console, you'll get classic arcade gaming goodness for a solid price of $199.

What do you get exactly? The bundle comes with the console itself, which looks like it acts as a simple housing for the handheld. The handheld can be taken out of the console to enjoy 20 classic Neo Geo games on the go. To stay true to the Arcade roots, the console also comes bundled with an arcade stick, which will recreate those nostalgic memories of playing King of Fighters or Metal Slug the way you remember.

This trailer shows off the Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition in all its glory, complete with epic soundtrack, and all angles of the console, handheld and arcade stick, you know exactly what you're getting.

Make sure to check out the official site for the full info. The console comes out on 12/18 and is available from most popular online retailers such as GameStop and

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