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Need for Speed Rivals shows off its car customization

We're only a little two months away from the launch of Need for Speed Rivals. The wait can be excruciation, we understand. So does EA, and they're trying to tide is over with some new gameplay footage from the game.

This short video gives us a slight glimpse at the car customization aspect of Need for Speed Rivals. Showcasing the in-depth color changing and blending modes, as well as some unique decals, to make your car unique.

What the video doesn't show, however, is body kit customization, which was very prominent in early NFS games like Underground 2. It's unclear whether that option will be in the game or not, but I'd like to think if Need for Speed is going back to its heavy customization roots, then some heavier customization should be available once the game hits store shelves on November 19th.

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