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Need for Speed Rivals Lead Designer shares details on Police progression

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When you play Need for Speed Rivals, you'll be able to partake in two opposite factions. The Racers and the Redview County Police Department. While it's natural for Racers to get rewarded with sweet car upgrades, new custom parts, body kits, colors and vinyls, it would be rather strange to see a Police car with tribal decals taking them on.

James Mouat, Lead Designer for Need for Speed Rivals, spilled the beans on Police progression today, as well as some teases for car customization. As players progress through their RCPD career, instead of car upgrades, they'll be awarded with various cop car classes, such as the Patrol car or the Enforcer.

Each will have a unique visual style to reflect the changes in performance the vehicle has to offer. Patrol cars are standard issue and will be the easiest to unlock, giving general performance in all areas and will come with the standard RCPD livery. Enforcer vehicles will offer reinforced construction, allowing them to deal the most damage in car-to-car combat situations, and will have a more elite styled RCPD livery to reflect their bad-ass status. Put all this together, with our yet-to-be-revealed class, and it means that you can unlock specialized RCPD vehicles that match your style of play and let you stand out among the rank and file of the rookies.

However, EA has promised to deliver on car customization once again, after being absent in previous Need for Speed games, so Racers can look forward to making their cars stand out against the competition.

Need for Speed Rivals is currently scheduled to release on November 19th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as being a launch title for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, depending on their release date.

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