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Necromorphs aren’t the only things scaring you in Dead Space 3


With Dead Space 3 now out you’re either plowing through those levels tensely or down right hiding under your bed reading this from your smart phone. I get it, that’s fair. There comes a point though where you ask yourself, “what is it that I’m even afraid of?” Great question. The grotesque shell of a former human bent on destroying all living creature – or ‘Necromorph,’ should be near the top of that list. The other thing should be environment.

Part of what makes any horror game or movie spooky is the environment. The raw area the characters are in, mixed with specific lighting, with a dash of tense music can make a lovely s#$% yourself cake. The Dead Space series is no stranger to that. When you’re crawling through tight vents, having a fight in space while breathing through an oxygen tank, or getting chased by a deformed monster, you are dealing with environment. The lightning alone can make you feel completely safe or raise your heart beat due to its inconsistency.

Check out the video below and see what it is that is scaring you. If you missed yesterday’s video on A Journey Though Terror check it out HERE. Also, tomorrow EA will be posting the 3rd of 4 in this series. Stay tuned kiddies. Note: the release day in the video is for Europe.    

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