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NECA is at it once again, this time unleashing an entirely new set of figures for Gearbox Software's upcoming hit, Borderlands 2. Though the first-person RPG is set to hit store shelves this September, folks can purchase items from NECA's newest collection as early as May. 

The retailer unveiled two of the collection's headlining figures -- Claptrap, the beloved robot buddy, and Psycho Bandit, the deranged killer -- which will be available at the collection's "launch." Both figures look mightily impressive, especially Claptrap, whose figure looks as close to a render from the game as it can possibly get. The two figures have been approved by Gearbox, and are currently in finalization for public purchasing (aka, NECA is creating a massive amount of these figures for you and I to buy). 

The collection distributor has yet to announce pricing for the Borderland 2 figures, nor have they confirmed further characters, only that the products would begin rolling out by the end of May. Once can imagine that NECA has each class' characters planned for the next addition to the collection, along with some irritating in-game enemies like skags. 

Source: [NECA]

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