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Nearly 100 million Pokemon have been traded, and Nintendo made a fancy one to celebrate


Nintendo and the Pokemon Company recently revealed that the Pokemon X & Y trade count recently passed 90 million. In anticipation of the no-doubt rapidly approaching 100 million, the company is preparing a rather ironic giveaway: a uniquely patterned and untradeable Vivillion.

As soon as the trade counter cracks nine digits, all X & Y players will be able to download the Fancy Pattern Vivillion directly. It’s no surprise to see immense activity like this from a game as well-received as Pokemon X & Y, but the rate at which 90 million trades has been achieved falls largely to the Global Trade Station.

Keep an eye on the GTS if you want to get your Vivillion early. At the very least, we can expect it to become available before the remakes of Ruby & Sapphire hit.

[Pokemon via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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