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NCsoft Releases a New Q&A for Lineage II: The Kamael

December 10, 2007

NCsoft Releases a New Q&A for Lineage II: The Kamael

NCsoft has released a new Q&A for their upcoming update for Lineage II, The Kamael. The interview with Tim Tan, Lineage II's North American Producer, describes among other things the success that the game has experienced in the US. Lineage II: The Kamael goes live this Wednesday, December 12. Read the entire Q&A below.

Lineage II: The 1st Throne: The Kamael

Q&A interview with Tim Tan, Lineage II Producer of North America
Interviewed on 12/10/2007

How is Lineage II doing in the US?

Tim Tan: Lineage II has, in fact, been growing steadily. We are very happy with our vibrant and thriving community and enjoy seeing it flourish. The game has improved greatly since launch, due largely in part to the continued massive content updates. We are preparing to start a whole new era of The Chaotic Throne. The first throne will be called “The Kamael” and is scheduled to go live in early December.

Lineage II, we understand is one of the largest online games in the world. By what measure?

Tim Tan: Worldwide, Lineage II is one of the most dominant titles in the MMO market, having reached more than 17-million accounts ever created, and continues to expand as NCsoft takes the game into additional territories. Lineage II continues to grow a very loyal and long-term player-base in North America and Europe.

We reviewed Lineage II when it first came out in 2004. What has changed since then?

Tim Tan: A lot has changed since then. It’s almost like a totally different game from when we launched it. We’ve listened to what our players, especially in North America have to say and responded accordingly.

For new players, we’ve added many new-player benefits such as buffs that ease starting levels. For solo players, we’ve added instant potions that drop off of monsters in solo hunting grounds. These potions have a range of uses from HP/MP recovery to a temporary increase to attack speed. For groups of likeminded players, we’ve got a robust clan system. Clan Academy (a way to get lower level players involved), Clan Reputation System, Clan Skills have all been added since launch.

Truthfully, I’m most proud of the fact that since 2004 we’ve given our players seven free expansion-caliber content updates, and we’ve touched many in-game elements that cover all levels of game play.

What is there to do in Lineage II other than participating in elite PvP battles?

Tim Tan: There are actually many interesting side-games in Lineage II that enhance the standard player-versus-environment and player-versus-player content. Fishing, The Lottery System, and the Monster Race Track are just a few. Fishing is a skill-based system that provides crafting resources. The Lottery is a fun way to try to increase your hard-earned Adena. The Monster Race Track is a central location where characters can get together and bet on their favorite racers.

In your opinion, what are some of the innovative systems that were added to Lineage II over the years?

Tim Tan: This is a tough question. Of all the game aspects, the two that stand out to me are the sub-class system and the castle-siege system. At level 75, players can complete a quest and seek out the master of an available class of their choice. There are certain restrictions, but a player would then start at level 40 of their chosen subclass. Players can switch between their subclass and main class by talking to an NPC, and can take on up to three subclasses in addition to their main class. The castle-siege system is what really sets Lineage II apart from other PvP MMO games. Every two weeks, clans choose to either attack or defend one of the nine castles in the world. These large-scale battles are a test of both skill in combat and strategy, with the prize being one of the most unique structures in any game. Ownership allows the ruling clan leader to control the territory surrounding the castle, and allows them to set things such as the tax rate of the items that are sold there.

Lineage II has added some out of the ordinary boss monsters over the years. Who are you favorite monsters?

Tim Tan: The biggest and baddest monsters in Lineage II are the Land Dragon Antharas and the Fire Dragon Valakas. Both are extremely formidable opponents and require upward of one hundred players to try an attempt to defeat them.

What’s next for Lineage II?

Tim Tan: The next largest, free single update in Lineage II history is being released in December. It’s bigger, better, and more compelling than anything we’ve ever done before. The Kamael has something for new players as well as long time veterans of the game.

You are adding an entire new race. Why at this point in the game? What is the race all about?

Tim Tan: We want to introduce a new world of playability to those devoted to Lineage II. An entire new race is what they players have been asking for over the years. The Kamael are one-winged soldiers with affinity to dark magic. Both male and female Kamael characters are presented different class paths and posses distinct combat abilities. The new race lets players enjoy new starting content and a chance to revisit some of the old mid- to high-level content while unlocking the mysteries of the long-forgotten Kamael.

Account services are popular demands. What is your plan?

Tim Tan: I’m very excited about these additions. At last, we are including in this Kamael update, three new account features with transaction fees available to existing Lineage II players: Character Server Transfer, Name Change, and Gender Change. These new account features exemplify our commitment to improve the Lineage II experience.

For Clans and fans of smaller group PvP, you are introducing ongoing Fortress Battles. Can you tell us more?

Tim Tan: There’s no need to wait to test your courage anymore. Now your clan can conquer and rule these new ongoing siege structures in PvE and PvP to gain unique skills and incredible leveling benefits whenever you want. The fortress battles are closely tied to the political system so you’ll have to pick your fights accordingly, but the rewards are worthwhile. With this system, smaller clans and groups of players will have the opportunity to participate in world PvP.

Can you tell us about some of the new items we should look forward to?

Tim Tan: New S80 armor and weapons have been added. New item slots have been created. Increase your defenses by donning a T-Shirt, or summon a familiar pet by equipping a bracelet. With hundreds of new items being added, the Kamael update won’t disappoint.

What new land areas are in the Kamael update?

Tim Tan: You can weave your way through the Beleth tale in the terrifying Hellbound lands, or redeem yourself by defeating the raid boss Baylor in the Isle of Prayer. Players trying out the new Kamael race will be sure to explore the starting safe haven of The Isle of Souls.

What’s special about Instanced Dungeons?

Tim Tan: Instanced Dungeons open a new type of content to Lineage II players. One of the benefits is they provide places where parties can hunt by themselves, untouched by outside forces. The main benefit is that they allow us to craft better-scripted encounters and timed-events that wouldn’t be possible in normal dungeons. An example of this is Dark Cloud Mansion. Dark Cloud Mansion is a place that’s designed for a party of two players and includes a time limit to successfully complete. (check out the in-game footage). Currently, there are two different types of Instanced Dungeons. There are ones that require questing to enter, and ones that require acquisition of a castle or fortress to enter.

Click here to download the Lineage II: The Kamael Instanced Dungeon Quest Video

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