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 Pocket God Players to Take On Opposing Deities in Episode 24: Idle Hands 2

August 18, 2009

New Buddy Challenges Allow Pocket God Players to Take On Opposing Deities in Episode 24: Idle Hands 2

In Other News, the Pygmies Appear to be Having Trouble Holding Onto Their Pants

Until the upcoming Episode 24 of iPhone sensation Pocket God, competitive players had no way to throw down the gauntlet against other deities. In "Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down," Bolt Creative has built in a new way to challenge your friends (and enemies).

By taking advantage of the latest version of OpenFeint, Pocket God now allows players to compete against their buddies for the highest scores in many of the title’s minigames: Ooga Jump, Bait Master, Hurricane Zaps, Coconut Bounces, Bird Bombs, and Shark Snaps.

In addition, the update brings five new idle animations (hence the title of the episode) based on submissions by the fanatical Pocket God community. Unattended Pygmies will now perform the following amusing animations: beating their chests, sneezing, thinking about different types of food (complete with thought bubbles), removing the bone from their hair (to show off their flowing locks) – and losing their skirts. That last animation has two variations: one for those Pygmies who sport tighty whities – and one for those who prefer to go Commando (complete with censor bar to keep things E for Everyone)!

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