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NBA 2K14 producers detail new MyTeam features in developer diary

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When NBA 2K14 releases on October 1, players can expect to see a number of new features for MyTeam mode. Producers Abe Navarro and Kelly Wilson highlighted a few of them in a dev diary that went live Friday.

“MyTeam is back for NBA 2K14,” Navarro said. “We’ve listened to the fans. We got all the feedback. We’ve really done a lot of work to try and give you guys what you want. We’re really excited.”

One new mode entering the MyTeam rounds is “Tournaments.” Here, you’ll be able to battle online or against the computer using the lineups that you’ve custom built. This mode paves the way for tier tournaments based on colors. These colors include bronze, silver, and gold, and will be compensated for accomplishing various tasks preset by 2K.

“Schedule” mode will also be introduced in NBA 2K14 MyTeam. In this mode, you’ll be to take the place of an NBA team and go through their schedule with your team. While you do this, you’ll earn VC, boosts, and sapphire players. The latter reward is brand new and can only be earned by playing through the new modes.

Navarro also added that you’ll be able to control your MyTeam’s logo, name, and city in a way that’s never been done before.

Source: [2KSports – YouTube] 

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