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NBA 2K13 is going to be 'better with Kinect' on Xbox 360


The Xbox 360 version of NBA 2K13 is going to have Kinect functionality.

Spotted on Amazon, the box art for this year's installment of 2K's popular basketball franchise boldly proclaims those words many of us traditional gamers have come to fear the most: "Better with Kinect Sensor".

Look, as long is it doesn't have us simulate the motions of basketball I'm all for it. If done right, the Kinect functionality can be quite useful in calling plays and making substitutions.

NBA 2K13 isn't the first sports title to make the move to Kinect. EA has been on the front line of incorporating Kinect functionality with their sports titles Tiger Woods PGA Golf 13 and most recently, Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 13.

2K Sports hasn't yet detailed how it will work with Kinect, but I assume it will be similar to that of EA's titles. With Madden and FIFA, Kinect simplifies the act of substitutions and play calling. Rather than having to pause the game or push a confusing combination of buttons, the games will allow you to simply voice a command and perform that action.

Normally I'm hesitant when I see that "Better with Kinect" label, but if the features are subtle like this, it could be great for sports games. Earlier this week, EA Sports head Andrew Wilson said the Kinect provides a "big opportunity" for sports games.

With Jay Z as NBA 2K13's Executive Producer, I see big things in the future for 2K's already popular basketball franchise. Whether or not the Kinect is one of those things remains to be seen. NBA 2K13 is set to release in October 2012.

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