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NBA 2K12 shows Jeremy Lin some love


While Jeremy Lin is taking the NBA world by storm, the people over at 2K Sports have a balancing act they have to perform.  Jeremy Lin, starting Point Guard for the New York Knicks, has only started seven games in his young career.  After being cut by two teams, he found a home in Madison Square Garden.  So far, he's looked a lot like Steve Nash — which is exactly what the Knicks need him to be, considering Melo's and Stats' shooting woes and that the Knicks run the offense that the Phoenix Suns ran.

When it comes to a video game, though, how do you rate a player who only has seven starts under his belt.  Yea, he's been amazing in that short period, but if you rate him too high and he has a streak of bad games, then you have to go back and lower him again.  In 2K Sports latest roster update to NBA 2K12, Jeremy Lin is rated a 69. 

Jeremy Lin NBA 2K12 ratings

Jeremy Lin is hot right now, but if he goes through a rough patch, these ratings don't need to be changed.  He's shown above average NBA intelligence and how to run an NBA offense.  The kid is from Harvard, so that's a given.  The perimeter and post D, as well as the Handling are all rated appropriatedly.  I think the only thing I would change is the C+ in IN and OUT to a B or B-.  He has shown that he can score, whether it be a last second shot from beyond the arc to win a game, or driving to the basket with a clutch layup.


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I took to the Operation Sports YouTube channel to see fans' thoughts on Lin's ratings, and while most of the comments are people arguing about their favorite players and why they aren't rated five points higher, one comment grabbed my attention.

MEEDdrama commented, "How is BUST JOHNNY FLYNN, Bust Kemba Walker, Jeff Teague, D.J. Augustin, Rodrigue Beaubois, Brandon Knight better than Jeremy Lin? How does Tony Douglas of the knicks have the same overall 69 as Lin when Douglas got benched because of poor play and Lin took his spot do to fantastic play.NBA 2k12 ranking SUCKS."

I'd like to start by saying that Kemba Walker is not a bust.  It's his first season; you try playing for the Bobcats and see how you do.  As for the Toney (correct spelling) Douglas argument — just because Lin replaced Douglas doesn't mean that Lin should be rated higher.  It means Douglas should be rated lower.

Overall, I think this is a fair rating for Jeremy Lin.  If he continues to play at a high level — and in this offense I fully expect that — he'll continue to see a ratings boost.  Knee jerk reactions shouldn't be made to small sample sizes; I've been reminded of that before.  Otherwise Tim Tebow would have a 95 in throwing power and accuracy after that Pittsburgh game.

P.S. Stop assigning 100 nicknames to every player, it's ruining sports and some of these names come off racist — Linstant Noodles?  Really?  Also, Jeremy Lin is not Tim Tebow.  Don't compare them.  Thanks.

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