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NBA 2K12 Player Overall Revealed, Legendary Teams Playable Online


Despite coming up short in the NBA finals, Miami Heat’s LeBron James and Dwayne Wade lead the pack with the highest player ratings in NBA 2K12.  Am I the only one who thinks 2K Games is being a bit generous with LeBron’s overall?  After choking in the NBA finals I just don’t see how you could give LeBron the top rating in the game. 

Here’s an idea.  Give each individual Miami Heat player the best overalls in the game, but then make the team overall something mediocre because they don’t know how to play together.  Enough ranting, Kobe Bryant checks in with the 3rd highest overall at 94, followed by Chris Paul (93) and Dwight Howard (93).

These ratings come from several YouTube videos posted by a fan who appears to have received a copy of the game early and posted to YouTube under the name NBA2K12stuff.

If you’re wondering where Dirk Nowtizki is, you know, the guy that beat James and Wade in the NBA Championship last season, he is rated a pedestrian 85 overall which is good enough for 14th highest overall.  Talk about lack of respect.

Check out the other overalls from some notable players around the league.

  LeBron James - 98
  Dwyane Wade - 96
  Kobe Bryant - 94
  Chris Paul - 93
  Dwight Howard - 93
  Kevin Durant - 92
  Derrick Rose - 92
  Carmelo Anthony - 91
  Deron Williams - 90
  Amar’e Stoudemire - 88
  Russell Westbrook - 88
  Rudy Gay - 86
  Pau Gasol - 86
  Dirk Nowizki - 85
  Blake Griffin - 85
  Kwame Brown - 59
  Stephen “Captain Jack” Jackson - 83
  DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans - 99
  Ron Artest - 71
  Gilbert Arenas - 77
  Jason Kidd - 77 (not his age)
  Kris Humphries - 70
  Kenyon Martin - 76
  Toronto Raptors - Nobody in the starting 5 rates higher than a 69

Of course, if you want to play with the real greats, NBA 2K12 Legendary Teams will also be playable online, via DLC.

With Legendary Teams, you can compete with the greatest stars in NBA history (not you LeBron) in several online challenges including:

  2 vs. 2 Teammate Challenge
  3 vs. 3 Era Challenge
  Even 21, H.O.R.S.E. and more
  You pick the match-ups and rules

How do you feel about the overalls in NBA 2K12.  Do you feel James’ and Wade’s overalls are justified?  Did Nowizki get shafted in his rating?  Leave a comment below.

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