NBA 2K12 Patch Now Available for Xbox 360, PS3 Coming Soon

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Earlier today 2K Sports announced a new patch for the recently released NBA 2K12 was submitted to Microsoft and Sony and waiting for approval.  The announcement came as a surprise since NBA 2K12 just released a little over a week ago.

2K was quick to warn fans not to expect too much from the patch by stating the main goal of the patch was to address online issues.  These issues include the Loading Screen freezes players have been experiencing. The patch focuses on the freezing loading screen that occurs when lineup changes and adjustments happen before games.  This is said to be hte main culprit of the high disconnect rates being experienced.

As of right now the patch is only available for Xbox 360, but is expected to arrive on the PlayStation 3 within the coming days.  Since the PS3 version has had more difficulty in actual matchmaking, the patch is also attempting to improve that area as well.

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