NBA 2K12 Patch Coming to PS3 "Before End of Week"

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Last week 2K Games pushed through a patch for NBA 2K12 only 9 days after the game released.  Although limited in scale, the patch was designed to fix the online issues plaguing NBA 2K12 players.

The primary focus was on fixing the loading screen freeze players experience when making lineup changes and adjustments before games, resulting in disconnects moments later.  Releasedfor Xbox 360 late last week, the PS3 version specifically has had more difficulty in actual matchmaking.  The patch is said to have improved that area, which could be why PlayStation 3 gamers are receiving the patch a little later.

Luckily, it shouldn't be much longer as it was revealed that the PS3 NBA 2K12 Online patch will be out before end of week in US,"by Ronnie 2K 2K12 via Twitter.

2K is also taking player feedback for gameplay changes fans want to see in the next patch.  Make sure to use the hashtag #NBA2K12Patch when giving feedback.



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