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NBA 2K12 'Legends Showcase' DLC Revealed


NBA 2K12 maybe have just been released, but a leak of nine new PlayStation 3  tropiesfor the game reveals that NBA 2K12 is getting some DLC soon.  Entitled 'Legends Showcase', the downloadable content looks to add new game challenges and types, including H-O-R-S-E and 21.  I wonder if you'll be able to spell out different words.  And when do they plan on adding 'Around the World'.

Assuming the tophy list is accurate, there will be a 1960s 3 on 3 era challenge team, 2v2 Teammate Challenges, and the ability to pit your My Playeragainst the NBA's Greatest, like Michael Jordan.  According to xbox360achievements it's all set in New York's Times Sqaure.

Here are the revealed PS3 trophies:

Ultimate Teammates - Beat the Teammate Challenge without losing a game
Old School - Use one of the 1960s 3-on-3 Era Challenge teams and beat the mode
High Riser - Make a shot from the top of the tall building in H-O-R-S-E
Trick Shot Master - Win a H-O-R-S-E game against 3 CPU opponents without getting a letter
Two Balls are Better Than One - Make a 2 ball shot in H-O-R-S-E
Blackjack - Win a Game of 21 against 3 CPU opponents without letting anyone else score
G.O.A.T. - Use your My Player and beat Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 pickup game with default settings
Pitching a Shutout - Win any 2-on-2 Teammate Challenge game without giving up a point
Bombs Away - Win any 3-on-3 Era Challenge game while scoring all your points from beyond the arc

No further details have been revealed for the NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase, but we'll be sure to keep you notified when we get confirmation.

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