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NBA 2K12 Leaks New Alternate and ABA Throwback Uniforms


Earlier in the year there were plans for NBA teams to wear some new alternate and American Basketball Assocation throwback uniforms.  Thanks to the looming NBA lockout, those uniforms may never see the light of day.  At least the real light of day.

Thanks to NBA 2K12, fans get get a glimpse of what their favorite NBA teams would have been wearing.  Apparently, Sony isn't the only thing to be hacked.  According to multiple leaks, a passionate fan hacked NBA 2K12, unlocking alternate and throwback jerseys that NBA teams were planning on wearing this season.  While no one has confirmed if these are legit, we do have some leaked in-game images of the uniforms.

First up we have the Miami Lebron James Heat sporting a slick, all black uniform with white trim.  Nothing but the best for the best team in NBA 2K12.

Don't adjust the colors on your screen.  That nasty green and yellow color combination is the Memphis Tams ABA throwback uniforms.  Those were some dark times.

miami heat throwback jerseys

The uniform colors only get harder on the eyes from here.  Not even Blake Griffin's dashingly good looks can make the Clippers alternate jerseys look good.  I personally love the sharp contrasting red and blue color scheme they have going for them.

LA Clippers Throwback

The Charlotte Bobcats are kicking it old school by wearing their old Carolina Cougars ABA throwback uniforms.  Though I can't see the front, they don't look too bad from behind.  I kind of like the teal.  Also in the pictures is a new or alternate solid blue design.  It must have been real hard switching from solid red to solid blue.


The Kings are mixing a little old-school script with new-school numbers in their alternate uniforms.  Am I the only one who likes the shorts?


The Raptors are taking a page out of the San Diego Padres uniforms.  Listen, the camoflauge look didn't work for them, and it's definitely not working for the Raptors.  Maybe they are playing off the name. in Jurassic they need camo to blend in...right?

We also get a look at the Nets throwback jersey in this screenshot.  Once again, hard on the eyes.  Why were such sharp contrastic colors so popular back in the day?

Raptors and Nets throwback uniforms

What are your thoughts on the new uniforms?





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