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NBA 2K11 Servers Shutting Down


Sports games and their servers shutting down have gone hand in hand in the last decade, but it has never really resulted in any major criticism, until now. Visual Concepts has announced today that they are turning off the online servers for NBA 2K11, meaning players will no longer be able to play multiplayer matches. 

The announcement has stirred up outrage from the game's community, and they certainly have a reason to be. NBA 2K12 has only been available for a month now, and has launched with several multiplayer bugs, resulting in players going back to NBA 2K11. Also, the average sports game gets its servers turned off two-three years after its launch when newer titles have released, so Visual Concepts shutting 2K11's servers down a year yearly is clearly frustrating to those not ready to lay down sixty-bucks for 2K12. 

How do you feel about Visual Concepts' decision to shut down NBA 2K11's online servers? Anyone out there still playing the game, and extremely upset at the developer? Let us know by commenting below. 

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