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Naughty Dog: No plans for a separate demo for The Last of Us

No more demos for The Last of Us

It seems if you want to get your hands on the demo for The Last of Us you'll need to have a copy of God of War: Ascension. As most are aware by now, the latest God of War title included a demo for Naughty Dog's highly anticipated upcoming game, which was unlocked last week.

The demo offers nearly 15-minutes of gameplay on the Outskirts level, an area just outside of the military quarantine zone and outskirts of Boston. It's actually the same portion of the game that I previewed during Sony's PlayStation event back in February. So if you enjoyed my preview, you can actually now play what I experienced months ago.

Unfortunately, it seems the only way you'll get a preview of The Last of Us is if you buy or get a copy of God of War: Ascension as Naughty Dog has confirmed there are "no plans to release it otherwise." Of course, if you prefer not to spoil anything for yourself, you can just wait the 11 days until The Last of Us releases. After all, you've already waited this long...

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