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Nationwide Modern Warfare 3 Tournaments to Commence at... Wal-Mart?


Most people eagerly anticipating the release of Modern Warfare 3 have been sure to pre-order their copy, ready to pick it up when the game launches November 8th, perhaps at a midnight launch event. Then there are those gamers who are unwilling to purchase the game like simple peasants, prepared to do battle in the digital arena, ready to pay for their copy with the blood of their enemies

For those sociopaths among us, Wal-Mart will be hosting a special Modern Warfare 3 tournament across 2,700 of their North American stores, with the top player in each store winning a copy of the game for their efforts. These tournaments are also slated for 8pm on the 7th, meaning gamers will get a chance to play the game a few hours in advance of the actual launch.

In short, if your Modern Warfare skills are uncontested, you may want to skip down to the local Wally World and do battle. And even if you suck, at least you'll have a way to waste some time in the hours leading up to launch. Also, don't forget to pick up specially marked 20-packs of Mountain Dew, so you can get to work on poisoning your body with sugar while earning the double XP rewards contained inside each package.

What a world...

Thanks: Joystiq

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