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NASA wants to build on the Moon


So apparently NASA has caught my attention today.  For once this isn’t about Star Wars or Star Trek tech though (damn).  This news is pretty out there and awesome though regardless.  I mean, it’s not like NASA is talking about building a super computer on the Moon… that would be… ridiculous… awesome… yea, that’s exactly what they’re talking about.

Ouliang Chang has suggested just this, in an AIAA Space Conference in Pasadena, California, last Thursday.  The problem is that NASA's network and Satellite dishes in California, Spain, and Australia have been getting far too much traffic – it’s like technology is growing or something.  The only obvious answer is to build a supercomputer and satellite dishes on the Moon.  ON THE MOON.

Chang said that this would be "first phase of lunar industrial and settlement development."  Which I’m totally down for.  These dishes would help lessen galactic interference.  People say the world is becoming over populated… the one true untapped resource is the MOON

To think… it allll started with a super computer.


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