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NASA discovers that Earth is singing


I was a bit freaked out when I learned that the Earth is singing.  Apparently an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in radiation belts, causes Earth to make whale type noises.  This noise is called “chorus.”  Chorus is made of radio waves that oscillate at acoustic frequencies, between 0 and 10 kHz.  In short the planet in which we all live is making a singing type noise for the universe to hear – how jovial.       

That’s fine and dandy; half awesome, half terrifying.  On top of this, chorus may be responsible for “killer electrons.” These are high energy particles that can harm satellites and astronauts.  “Killer” anything is a bit unnerving… but electrons?  Not the electrons though, man.

Watch the video below and listen as NASA explains it better than I ever could.  Those sounds make me feel uneasy like it’s the last recording before something horrible in space murdered the entire recording crew.  Either that or is sounds peaceful, I can’t decide

Space is scary.


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