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Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks

Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks

Unlockable Characters

Unlock Condition:

Characters Unlocked:

Clear Story Mode on Hard Difficulty

Nine Tailed Naruto

Clear Story Mode on Normal Difficulty


Defeat 10 opponents in Survival Mode on Hard Difficulty

PTS Naruto
PTS Nine Tailed Naruto
PTS Sasuke Second State
PTS Sasuke
PTS Sakura
PTS Rock Lee
PTS Neji
PTS Shikamaru
PTS Temari
PTS Gaara

Defeat 10 opponents in Survival Mode on Normal Difficulty


Clear Kankuro’s Side Quest in Ch. 4 of Story Mode


Capture three bugs in Shino’s Side Quest in Ch. 4 of Story Mode


Clear Quest Mode with all characters

Four Tailed Naruto


Hints and Tips 

1.   Remember that you’re only given six power-ups through the entire match! A match consists of multiple rounds in a best-of-three format, so don’t waste all your power-ups in one round. 

2.   It’s important to understand your power-ups and exactly what they accomplish. Refer to the chart below to understand what each power-up does for your character. 

3.   Chakra control is a major part of having the upper hand in Ninja Destiny 2. Make sure to be aware of the amount of chakra your character has at all times. You need to be certain you have enough to use a Substitution Jutsu to get out of harms way, or be ready to strike your opponent with your character’s special jutsu. 

4.   Remember that this is a 3D fighting game! It’s important to use strafing, not only to avoid your enemy’s attacks but to get around their defenses and attack them from a different angle. 

5.   Blocking is as important as attacking in Ninja Destiny 2! If you know you’re vulnerable, hold down the R button to phase out an oncoming barrage. 

6.   Be sure to thoroughly explore the dungeons in Quest Mode. You never know what kinds of power-ups you will find! 

7.   Remember, you can use healing power-ups outside of battle in Quest Mode!

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