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NAMCO Museum DS Ships to Retail Stores Nationwide

September 18, 2007

NAMCO Museum DS Ships to Retail Stores Nationwide

Relive More than 25 Years of Gaming History Anytime, Anywhere with Eight Classic Standout Titles at a Budget Price

Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that Namco Museum DS has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Delivering unprecedented gaming value to the Nintendo DS, Namco Museum DS lets players enjoy eight all-time video game classics, including the standout Nintendo GameCube title Pac-Man Vs., with updated dual-screen presentation, full wireless multiplayer support and game sharing capabilities at a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Compiling over 25 years of video game history on one game card, Namco Museum DS provides players with the definitive experience for all of their favorite games. In addition to pixel-perfect translations of all eight included titles, the game also lets players experience new dual-screen presentation for additional gameplay flexibility and fun unlockable content such as sound tests and original arcade cabinet artwork. Players are encouraged to pass the fun along to their friends and family by wirelessly sending demo versions of each game, and can even go head to head in multiplayer action via a local wireless connection.

Namco Museum DS includes the following gaming classics:

  • Pac-Man VS.
    Originally released in 2003 – Play as Pac-Man and his famous ghost enemies in this breakthrough multiplayer game! Up to four players can get in on the action with just one game card, collecting power pellets as Pac-Man while the other players assume the role of ghosts and try to track him down.
  • Dig Dug II
    Originally released in 1985 – Equipped with only a drill and a pump, hit weak fault lines in an attempt to sink portions of an island, sending your enemies deep into the sea!
  • Galaga
    Originally released in 1981 – Pilot a space ship, fend off frantic swarms of aliens, try your luck with “Challenging Stages,” and find the best way to deal with enemies’ powerful tractor beams!
  • Galaxian
    Originally released in 1979 – A precursor to Galaga, shoot flying aliens as they move in formation to attack you.
  • Mappy
    Originally released in 1983 – Control Mappy, a police mouse, as he attempts to bring a band of criminal cats to justice. Bounce on trampolines and open or close doors to dodge chasing enemies, all in an attempt to retrieve valuable items from the cats’ mansion.
  • Pac-Man
    Originally released in 1980 – Play the most popular arcade game of all time! Navigate the yellow fellow through the original Pac-Man maze, avoid ghosts while chomping Pac-Dots and fruit and use Power Pellets to turn the ghosts blue and get some payback!
  • The Tower of Druaga
    Originally released in 1984 – Control a heroic prince, using your sword and shield to slay the terrible demon Druaga.
  • Xevious
    Originally released in 1982 – Use a heavily armed aircraft to destroy enemies and targets in the air and on the ground.

Namco Museum DS is rated “E” for everyone by the ESRB. For more information on the Namco Museum franchise, please visit

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