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Namco Bandai Ships Culdcept Saga For Xbox 360

February 5, 2008


Unique Trading Card and Board Game Hybrid Arrives in North America with Addictive Tactical Gameplay, Nearly 500 Cards to Collect and Support for Xbox LIVE Online Play

NAMCO BANDAI Games America announced today that Culdcept™ SAGA has shipped to retail stores nationwide exclusively for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Combining the luck and strategy of a traditional board game with the depth of trading card games, Culdcept SAGA offers gamers an entirely original play experience as they customize their decks and take on opponents in an addictive single player mode, multiplayer versus mode and online via Xbox LIVE®.

Culdcept SAGA immerses players in a mystical world in which combatants wage war to possess pieces of a powerful book known as the “Culdcept.” Shattered into hundreds of cards imbued with incredible capabilities, the Culdcept has the power to grant its owner godlike abilities. As players battle others who seek to wield the Culdcept, they will move around a variety of game boards in an attempt to gain ownership of land squares while confronting enemy monsters. As they traverse the board, players can choose to pay a toll to their opponent to avoid battle, or go toe to toe with a creature of their own. With each successful encounter in the game’s single player story mode, players will acquire new cards as well as rare outfits they can use to customize their in-game avatar.

Featuring nearly 500 unique hand-illustrated cards, Culdcept SAGA lets players create their own custom decks that suit their individual play style. Choosing from fearsome creatures, powerful equipment and mighty spells, players have nearly infinite freedom to generate new strategies and techniques for overcoming their opponents.

Boasting an impressive range of multiplayer features, Culdcept SAGA lets up to four players match wits and custom decks in tactical battles on a single Xbox 360 system or online with Xbox LIVE. Players will be able to customize the full scope of their multiplayer experience by managing the in-game rules, match types and even holding “blind” matches to level the playing field by distributing a random deck of cards to all competitors.

Culdcept SAGA is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB and carries and suggested retail price of $39.99.

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