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Namco Bandai Sheds Light on Leaked Tales Games at TGS


Earlier this week we reported that some internet rascal had been responsible for leaking information about two portable Tales titles. Like always, we approached the reveals with caution, but given the source's constant reliability, we weren't too skeptical. Here we are just a few days later, and Namco Bandai has officially announced two new Tales games at TGS.

The first unveiled game was Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. This title is more action-oriented than most Tales games, and it will allow players to take on the roles of several characters from throughout the series. The game will launch for the PSP.

The second game announced at TGS was Tales of Innocence R. This will be a Vita reimagining of the Nintendo DS original. The game will feature improved visuals, new characters, a remastered story, and full voice acting.

Both of these titles are slated to launch sometime in 2012. No word on whether these games will launch outside of Japan, though it's highly unlikely. Still, we can dream, right?

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