Namco Bandai wants fans to help choose Dark Souls 2's tagline

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Namco Bandai Games needs you. Yes, you. The company has called out fans on their Facebook page to pick the tagline to their upcoming game, Dark Souls 2.

The poll features five different taglines to vote for, including “Transcend Death,” “Into the Beyond,” “Go Beyond Death,” and “Sacrifice Everything.” Currently Transcend Death leads the race with nearly 3,5000 votes. In a close second place is Sacrifice Everything, currently approaching 3,000 votes. The other three options have yet to top 1,000 put together, so it’s safe to say it’s a two-way race at this point.

Namco Bandai Games did not say when the poll would be closed, but you can add to the nearly 7,000 votes by clicking here via Facebook.  

Dark Souls 2 was announced during last December’s VGA’s. The game will feature an entirely new director, as the original Dark Souls director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, takes a supervisor role. Oh yes, the game will also include you dying…a lot.

Source: [Facebook – Namco Bandai Games]

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