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Namco Bandai Showcases Three PlayStation Vita Launch Titles


Of all the publishers throwing their support behind the PlayStation Vita, Namco Bandai definitely seems to be among the most enthusiastic, preparing three complete games in time for the system's launch. Today they've released a new batch of screenshots showcasing all three, so let's take a look and see what we'll be playing come time for the Vita launch in February.

Ridge Racer

What can be said about Ridge Racer, Namco's long-running arcade racing series. I can't remember the last time a portable console debuted without its own version of Ridge Racer, with historically mixed levels of quality. GameZone's Michael Splechta liked the 3DS iteration enough to give it a solid 8.0, so we'll be waiting to see if the Vita version holds up as well.

Shinobido: 2 Revenge of Zen

With Ninja Gaiden Sigma confirmed as a PlayStation Vita title, Namco Bandai will have to work fast to sell copies of this unproven ninja action game. Not to mention this is the second installment in a franchise I've personally never heard of. Really liking the art direction in that first screenshot though, where it looks as though the surroundings have gone black & white to highlight an impressive stealth kill. Given the lack of action games coming for launch, this one could be a definite standout.

Touch my Katamari

I feel bad being kind of negative about these launch titles, but c'mon, more Katamari? This was a series where even the first sequel seemed kind of forced, and I'd hope there's something more interesting about Touch my Katamari than the suggestive name. We've seen touch controls for Katamari Damacy before, and I can't imagine wanting to shell out $40 for this release when the original is still sitting on my game shelf. Same game, different coat of paint. 

Overall though, I can't be too disapointed. Developers definitely have to race in order to get games ready for a system's launch, and quickly pumping out something like Ridge Racer is to be expected. I will say that Shinobido looks to have the most potential, and one I'm looking forward to more information on. What do you guys think? Any of these Vita titles catch your eye?

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