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Mystery? Who cares! Pay to put cubes back in Curiosity


Peter Molyneux's social experiment Curiosity is all about being the first to discover what's at the center of the cube. Players can pay to remove large chunks, but now they can also put them back.

Molyneux and his studio 22Cans launched Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube? on iOS and Android in November last year. Players can purchase special tools to help them reach the middle of the cube faster. They're in competition with millions of other players, all chipping away at the same object, but only one person can claim the secret prize.

New in-app purchases can speed up or — more interestingly — slow down this process, according to Pocket Gamer. Payments of 99 cents, $6.99, or $10.99 can remove 10,000 "cubelets," 100,000 of them, or half a million, respectively.

Participants can also pay the same amount to put the cubes back on, prolonging the experience. The game's stats screen keeps track of how many removals or additions will affect the next layer.

22Cans says the cube originally contained 69 billion pieces, and "soon there will be only 50 layers and 3.6 billion cubelets remaining."

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